Friday, April 4, 2014

The Gaslight Bar and Brasserie Opening

Last night I was invited to the grand opening of the new Gaslight Bar and Brasserie at the Meyrick Hotel here in Galway. It was such a lovely event with lots of delicious food and tasty cocktails. The whole layout of the bar really made feel like I was back in NYC. That said, I think I spent my whole night looking up at the ceiling at these really cool light bulb installments! When the time comes, I'm definitely going to put some of these lights in my kitchen! 

I had the loveliest night with the girls and I definitely think this will be my new go-to cocktail place in Galway! 

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  1. Ooooh I must check it out :) Looks really pretty!

    Bec Boop

  2. Love your comments about the light fittings that I supplied. They were manufactured in Sweden especially for project.Give me a call if you get round to decorating your house and I'll make sure you get a great deal on them. Regards Ken Loughlin , Nirvana lighting ltd Kilkenny.

  3. Ken The lights that we selected from you are fabulous and really made our interiors special. You are one of the best sources for lights in the country. Colin Jennings Architects & Designers

  4. Awh thanks for commenting Ken! Absolutely loved them! Everyone kept saying how different and pretty they were! Lovely to hear from you, Michaela

  5. Couldn't agree more Colin, the whole interior was just magnificent! I loved the subway tile on the walls too! Thanks for reading, Michaela


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